Manual Therapy

Joint Mobilizations & Manipulations

Joints are meant to move in various directions based on the range of motion being performed, but if they are restricted, it becomes tough to achieve that range of motion. This is where joint mobilizations and manipulations are valuable. Joint mobilizations and manipulations are a form of hands-on treatment where the physiotherapist will apply various amplitudes and velocities in order to loosen up restricted joints and improve mobility.

Nerve Mobilizations

Just like other tissues (muscles, joints, connective tissue) need to be stretched out, so too does your nervous system. Having good nerve mobility helps improve blood flow to the nerve as well as improve the conductibility of the nerve, making the nerve able to work more efficiently. By working more efficiently, the nerve is able to send a stronger signal to the skin, muscles, and organs, helping improve your overall physical function. 

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a type of treatment that helps restore normal function between the muscles and the connective tissue surrounding it. As a response to injury or chronic pain, muscles can become truly short or in spasm, however that can affect the fascia surrounding it as well. By mobilizing and releasing this system through hands-on techniques, it can help reduce the natural mobility of this system to help with pain, flexibility, and strength.

Muscle Energy Techniques

Muscle energy techniques are a type of manual therapy that helps use the muscle’s own energy in order to relax and stretch the muscle. This technique uses the body’s nervous system to get the muscle to reduce tension, further promoting flexibility and mobility within the body.

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